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FNLS Protests in Mexico City

FNLS Protests Killings with Heavy Police Presences

This adventure was unintended and the result of being skunked after waiting thirty minutes to enter an Art Museum. An extreme number of riot police and barricades rerouted me to Zócalo. I was just trying to reach my hostal at the time. As I got closer I could hear the public address system. The protest was rather orderly.

However police helicopters and police surround the square for a few blocks made the situation rather tense. Navigating the city and ever changing barricades is much like the life of a rat in a maze. Once you learn your way around new walls or rather barricades appear overnight. Sometimes fresh coats of paint also appear on the barricades. This experience is certainly not boring but can present challenges. All this happens in Centro Historico a supposit safe zone.


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