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Fast Fred Travels Mexico
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Explore Templo Mayor in Mexico City the Heart of Tenochtitlán

Templo Mayor was the first item on my list of things to do in Mexico. And Likely the reason or excuse for this trip to see Mexico. The ruins of Templo Mayor did not disappoint. The museum exceeded expectations. I visit the exterior multiple days and the museum on two days. One of the days I hired a local guide. I recommend hiring a registered guide to enhance your experience and understanding.

The ancient city of Mexico Tenochtitlán is without a doubt the navel of the universe: the center of centers. Place of myths, pilgrimages, maximum religiosity, sacrifice and blood on the edge of obsidian. City that for almost two hundred years was the heart of the Mexica empire ...learn more

Adventure in CDMX at Zócalo as FNLS Protests Missing Students

This adventure was unintended and the result of being skunked after waiting thirty minutes to enter an Art Museum. An extreme number of riot police and barricades rerouted me to Zócalo. I was just trying to reach my hostal at the time. As I got closer I could hear the public address system. The protest was rather orderly. However police helicopters and police surround the square for a few blocks made the situation rather tense.

Navigating the city and ever changing barricades is much like the life of a rat in a maze. Once you learn your way around new walls or rather barricades appear overnight. Sometimes fresh coats of paint also appear on the barricades. This experience is certainly not boring but can present challenges. All this happens in Centro Historico a supposit safe zone ...learn more

Explore Bosque De Chapltepec in CDMX Mexico

Explore the largest city park in North America with me. This park has it all with museums, a castle, a zoo, and national auditorium. This place is dripping with history and has been occupied for thousands of years. There is something for everyone here from fitness buffs to history nerds and kids.

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Explore Mexico City on Foot. CDMX is Very Walkable

Take a walk from Torre Latinoamerica to Zócalo and enjoy some sights along the way. And just maybe a shot of tequila and the nightlife starts early. Too bad there is no smell-a-rama or you could enjoy the mota on the street too.

Bird's eye view of Mexico City from the highest building and walking about the historical center. With some fun and entertaining commentary. I'm in Mexico City why aren't you. If a river guide can afford this anyone can. Granted I live a spartan lifestyle both at home and abroad.

How to Add Data to a Local Phone Plan in Mexico

Rather than us my Verizon SIM in Mexico for $5 to $10 day with very limited data, I use a local provider. Telcel cost me only $10 usd or $200 MX pesos per month. in fact the super cheap SIM card provided enough data for two weeks before purchasing another 30 days worth for price stated above. This is super easy in addition to super cheap. See my previous video for how to get the SIM card. BTW social media use does not count against your data when using Telcel.

MEX Mexico City Airport Arrival Tips: ATMs vs Money Exchange and Taxis

When you arrive at the MEX airport in Mexico City be aware there are ATMs available that will give better exchange rates than the kiosks offer currency exchange. The fees for the ATMs are better and your home banking institution will certainly give you a better rate.

How to Plan an Exceptional Trip to Mexico and Stay on Budget

This article explains how to plan an exceptional visit to Mexico and maintain a budget. And will also include the step by step process to plan the logistics of your trip and determine your budget. I am using my recent trip to provide more substance in this effort to help you plan your trip... Learn more abour travel logistics and planning your trip abroad to Mexico.

How to Cross the Mexico-Guatemala Border

This video explains how to cross the southern border of Mexico into Guatemala. Much of the information I found online was questionable at best. So I did my own research. I spoke with locals and got some great intel on how to do this on the cheap. I also spoke with the local travel agencies offering shuttles; granted they have a clear agenda ...learn more