Fast Fred Travels Ecuador

Fast Fred Travels Ecuador
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I am Fast Fred Ruddock a wandering guide enjoying endless summers

Explore Termas de la Virgen en Baños de Agua Santa Ecuador

If you visit Baños de Agua Santa in Ecuador you must spend some time at the hot springs. The most famous and historic is Termas de Virgen. So named because the Virgin Mary is believed to have appeared here multiple times. The Pope even visited and the church confirmed the miracles. That aside it is a nice place to visit. If you go early when the baths open you will avoid the crowds and children. I often go during my extended visit to Baños every year. Say hi if you happen to visit while I am there ...learn more

Best Tacos in Ecuador

Best Tacos in Ecuador? Comida Mexicana Muy Buena en Baños de Agua Santa

Restaurante México de mis Sabores might have the best Mexican food in Ecuador. The tacos de pastor served in this meal were among the best I have had anywhere. From the fresh corn tortillas to the fresh pineapple and excellent al pastor this meal is sure to please. These five tacos cost $6.25 on February 23, 2022. The portions were generous. The margarita was also most excellent and cost $4 ...learn more

Soapbox Race Ecuador

Extreme Soapbox Racing at Carrera de Coches en Baños de Agua Santa Ecuador

Carrera de Coches en Baños de Agua Santa Ecuador features quite the race circuit with downhill and uphill sections the competitors must navigate. The teams must be fit to push their custom rides up the hills and daring to ride them down steep hills. The cars are often constructed from steel and welded together. Braking systems are very primitive. Different classes for age as well as steering systems exist ...learn more

Monkey in Ecuador

Monkey Video from the Jungle Near Puyo Ecuador

Another throw back video from 2017. A monkey making mischief at a local community near Puyo Ecuador. This video also features a now ex-girlfriend from a few years ago. Life can have its highs and lows ...learn more

Endless Spring in Ecuador

Explore an Endless Summer in Banos de Agua Santa in Ecuador with River Hippies

Enjoy the sights around Banos de Agua Santa in Ecuador with Fast Fred as he enjoys an endless summer at the Equator! Experience Pailon del Diablo. See the swing on the edge of the world at La casa del Arbol. Ride a cable high above a canyon and more. Heart felt thanks to all the guests who came rafting with me during the summer on the Ocoee River in Tennessee. Your generous tips made this trip and endless summer possible ...learn more

Street Art in Otavalo Ecuador

Sweet Digs in Yambiro Otavalo Ecuador

This house belongs to a sweet couple I call friends. I don't always stay in spartan accommodations. Sometimes I fare much better than at home in the USA. This flat had it all! Nice bed, awesome bathroom, and a great kitchen. I enjoyed cooking fine meal with items from the local mercado in Otavalo. The location in Yambiro is rural and very nice. I found the local welcoming and the walk to and from town to be rather delightful and a great way to meet the locals. A bus also runs regularly throughout the day; a great way to carry more groceries or avoid bad weather. The bus also goes directly to the local bus terminal if you need to go further to points like Quito ...learn more

Frugal transportation tips for Quito Airport

How to Travel to Downtown Quito from Airport for Just $2

Public Transportation From Quito Airport to Downtown or Even Otavalo

Did you know it is quick and easy to take bus downtown from the Quito Airport? You can use public trans portation to reach your hotel or either of the majot bus terminals to your final destination for just two dollars. Not on;y is cheap it is also safe and fast. Read this article and watch the supporting video for more information. And follow along with me as I demonstrate how I did this journey recently ...learn more

How To Save Money And Get Better Coverage with Local Cellular Plan

Why you should obtain a local SIM card and cellualr coverage while traveling in Latin America. Plus tips and cheat sheets to help you do just that. Using you American plan abroad is a very bad idea in addition to be far more expensive it will also result in terrible coverage. There are many stores where you can obtain SIM cards in any town and even more places to renew your prepaid plans. ...learn more

Street Art in Banos de Agua Santa Ecuador

Listen to the Nuestra Senora del Agua Santa Parade and Ecuador National Police Band

Another throw back video from 2017. Nuestra Senora del Agua Santa Parade and Ecuador National Police Band pay tribute to Nuestra Senora del Agua Santa. This was part of the holiday events during my first extended three month trip to Ecuador....learn more