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Historic Houses of Columbia, South Carolina

Photos and article by FastFred Ruddock

These photos were taken December 2, 2006 following the ABATE of SC Legislative Meeting. I rode from the meeting location of 1918 Airport Blvd in Cayce to the Mann-Simmons Cottage located at 1403 Richland Street. The Mann-Simons Cottage was the home Celia Mann who was born a slave in Charleston in 1799. How she gained her freedom is unknown but she was working as a midwife from this house as early as 1844..
Next I rode to the Robert Mills House and Park located at 1616 Blanding Street. Mills was hired by a wealthy merchant named Ainsley Hall. This house is a rare gem as Mills designed few private residences. Hall died prior to the completion of the house and the family lost the house as a result of legal battles that followed his death. The Presbyterian Synod of South Carolina bought the house and used as a seminary until 1927.
Across the street is located Hampton-Preston Mansion and Gardens at 1615 Blanding Street. This mansion displays the type of wealth elite planters such as the Hampton and Preston families. Ainsley Hall built the mansion in 1818. However Wade Hampton I alter the house greatly after purchasing it in 1823. Wade Hampton was believed to be the wealthiest man in the United States when he died in 1835.
A childhood home of President Woodrow Wilson is located at 1705 Hampton Street. President Wilson's father taught at the seminary located in the house built by Robert Mills. The former home of Woodrow appears unkempt and beginning to show neglect as paint is peeling form the fence and siding.

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