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Riding is in my blood. I have spent most of my life on two wheels. I enjoy racking up miles on my motorcycles; I have a mild 2003 FLHT for travel and commuting to work and a modified 1989 FXR for fun. I generally average about 30,000 miles a year. I currently do not own a cage by choice.

FastFred Ruddock at 2003 NCOM Convention in OKC
FastFred Ruddock at 2003 NCOM Convention in OKC

During the my teenage years I rode various imported bikes including a 1978 CB550. A new 1985 Ironhead XLX became my first Harley at the age of 20; I rode the XLX as my sole means of transportation until 1988 when I acquired a rigid Shovelhead. South Carolina has great weather for year ‘round riding. I sold the XLX to a close friend in 1991.

Riding the Dragon US129 without a lid in TN 2006

During the fall of 1993 I decided a new bike might be cheaper than maintenance on my old and stroked Shovelhead. I bought a new teal green 883 Sportster Deluxe during the Fall of 1993. I later modified the Sportster into a fast 1200. I bought my first and only cage in 1995; I only managed to place 40K miles on the cage before retiring and giving it away in 2002 to a friend in need. My green 1200 Sporty was stolen in the spring of 1999 but recovered less than 72 hours later.

astFred riding a 1989 FXR in WNC Mountains in the Fall of 2001
FastFred riding in WNC Mountains in the Fall of 2001

During 2001 I bought an 1989 FXRSC and later sold my 1200 Sportster. My 1200 Sportster was nearly totaled when my brother was struck head on while riding it in 2001 just prior to 9/11; my brother survived and has since participated into two more combat tours supporting the Enduring Freedom Campaign in the Middle East. After my friend Dave Holiday died in the fall of 2002 I bought a new 2003 FLHT the following Saturday.

I have been a member of ABATE of SC since the early 1980s. During the early 1990s I realized the economy was not getting any better for electricians in South Carolina and I sent myself to college; I earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the College of Charleston. I have since used much of what I learned to the benefit of several Motorcyclists Rights Organizations.

FastFred at the 2001 Motorcycle Awareness Rally at Statehouse steps
2001 Motorcycle Awareness Rally at Statehouse steps

During the late 1990s ABATE seemed to lose its way. During 2000 and 2001 I realized our lifestyle was under attack but ABATE of SC seemed more focused on charity and other pursuits unrelated to biker rights. Many of my friends seemed to share a similar opinion and encouraged me to become more involved.

FastFred on 1994 XLD motorcycle - Isle of Palms during the Winter of 1993
1994 XLD - Isle of Palms during the Winter of 1993

During 2001 I proposed to the ABATE of SC Board of Directors that we develop a professional website. I found myself volunteered and developed a web site for ABATE of SC in April. In July of 2001 I saw a need for more change and ran for office in my chapter. I easily won the election to chapter coordinator of the ABATE of SC Berkeley/Dorchester Chapter. While some strides followed many roadblocks were still encountered and some charity mongers still held high offices in the lowcountry area of our organization.

FastFred on at 1985 XLX motorcycle - Sullivan's Island on Christmas 1985
1985 XLX - Sullivan's Island on Christmas 1985

During January 2002 several friends approached and persuaded me to run for Lowcountry Area Coordinator.. I held the office of Area Coordinator for almost two years; during the time I held the office of area coordinator the membership of Lowcountry ABATE grew quickly and the focus shifted from charity towards biker rights. I became the State Coordinator of ABATE of SC November 2003.

I became a member of the Sons of Liberty Riders (SOLR) during 2002 and remained a member until the Biker Republic (BR) was formed by the remaining members of SOLR. As one of the founding members of BR I created the new website and information lists.

Grandpa Ruddock and Uncle Wayne on a motorcycle in 1932
Grandpa and Uncle Wayne 1932

Lately I have been seen riding in Western North Carolina and other helmet law states without a lid. I finally scored my first no helmet ticket in the fall of 2006. During July of 2007 after many lidless miles I obtained an additional helmet ticket in North Carolina. However this time the Assistant District Attorney dismissed the helmet ticket on behalf of the state.

FF's Second NC Helmet Ticket, July 2007

After four years of service as the ABATE of SC State Coordinator I choose to pass the torch to the next worthy biker. Along this same time Bikers Of Less Tolerance (BOLT) approached me about helping to organize the Carolinas; I accepted the position of Director of BOLT of South Carolina.

Have I done all that I can to the best of my ability?

Hell no but I am still trying!

Yours in liberty,

FastFred Ruddock

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