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Whitewater Carnage Videos: Featuring Class IV Beatdowns on the Upper Ocoee River in Tennessee

The videos in the following play list feature guide hijinks, rookies, trainees, and crazy private boaters taking on the big holes and hydrualics of the Ocoee Whitewater Center. Raft flips, dump-trucks, and pins are common fodder. A new episode is posted weekly featuring the latest carnage. Raft guides wishing to avoid becoming the subject of these videos may wish to study the Ocoee River Guidebook.

The vast majority of rafts do not encounter any carnage or problems navigating the big holes of the Upper Ocoee. However much like NASCAR most fans like watching the wrecks more than the clean lines. The Full Episode 12 of this season's carnage is now available at fastfreds.com/carnage for free! Feel free to share and tag your friends via this post or youtube. This short video was culled from many hours of video shot . The Upper Ocoee is class IV while the Middle Ocoee is more relaxed Class III. My youtube channel also features much more mundane and calmly guided trips at MIddle Ocoee Trips Playlist and Full River Trips Playlist. Consider watching them as an antidote if the carnage videos make you nervous or anxious. I'll be happy to answer questions or concerns if you are curious about rafting and safety.

Additional commentary and information regarding these whitewater carnage videos is available at my Ocoee River Carnage page.

Ocoee River Guidebook for Raft Guide Trainees and Others

My online Ocoee River Guidebook shows basic raft lines through all of the Middle Ocoee rapids. Videos and tips are broken down by rapid. The videos of the five trips featured were all shot during a five trip day with Whitewater Express. Check out sooner and buy less swim beer. These lines also work well in kayaks. There is much more to the guidebook than the playlist below!

Kayaking Fun Class III Ocoee Whitewater

A little Ocoee River "class III" Whitewater fun. Boofing White Face Rock and then casually paddling behind House Rock before ferrying above Grumpy's Ledge and running the ledge.

Motorcycle Fun on a Twisty Road Somewhere in WNC

Ascending the 17 switchbacks located near the world famous Green River Narrows on my 2003 FLHT while towing a creek boat on a trailer.

Looking into camping, kayaking, or riding in Western North Carolina or East Tennessee? Want some suggestions or ideas?

Motorcycle Helmet Laws Map of the USA

USA State Motorcycle Helmet Laws Map

Dirtbag Lifestyle

Living Dirtbag Style: Cheap and Healthy - Save your cash for what matters; you can eat, camp and live quite fine on low bucks. This section will be expanding as time permits during the coming months.